4th January 2019

2018 – the year to surpass all others! The highlight of the year was without a doubt Britten’s War Requiem. The poignancy of the text and poetry superbly presented through Britten’s marvellous music – tension and drama building in each bar and resolving in the combined forces of all performers in the conclusion. The collaboration with the Dresden Singakademie & Landesjugendorchester Sachsen – with us going to Dresden and Leipzig to perform and the Germans then coming here to perform with us in both Johannesburg and Cape Town was a fantastic experience. We’re all very grateful that Richard took on this mammoth task, let us tackle this very taxing work and guided us to new heights! Thanks! Over and above this extreme highlight we had some excellent concerts presenting well known works which are ‘part of our repertoire’ as well as another work we’ve never done before – Jenkins’ Stabat Mater. All in all a very exciting year.

As always we collected money for charity at the Christmas concerts, and I’m thrilled to tell you, that thanks to the generosity of the audience we collected R28 571 for Lambano Sanctuary. Members of the audience also brought Christmas presents for the children at Lambano Sanctuary. Wonderful. Thank you!

As we are now in of 2019 it is time for me to thank you for your support throughout the past year and to invite you to renew your financial commitment to the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg.

As you’re well aware staging quality choral concerts is an expensive undertaking these days, and though the choir members do not receive any remuneration, the cost of the orchestra, venue, soloists, advertising, etc.etc. are all expenses which must be met – and which don’t get less as the years go by – and we seldom manage to break even, even when we fill the house, so our supporters are extremely important to us and we are most grateful to anyone who is supporting the choir financially. Our financial supporters make it possible for us not only to present top quality performances of well known and well loved choral works, with professional soloists and orchestra, but also to indulge ourselves – and hopefully you too – by presenting equally exciting performances of works not so often heard.

We always strive to keep the Patron, Sponsor and Friend contributions at a reasonable level, but inflation is out of our control and the Committee has found it necessary to increase the contributions for 2019.

The contributions are calculated on a pro-rata basis and all are therefore renewable in January each year.

For 2019 the contributions for the three categories of financial supporter are as follows:

1) FRIEND: R 1 050+ per annum (i.e. for the year ending 31 December 2019)
2) SPONSOR: R 3 580+ per annum (i.e. for the year ending 31 December 2019)
3) PATRON: R 17 750+ per annum (i.e. for the year ending 31 December 2019)

Payment options are:
i) a cheque made out to ‘The Symphony Choir of Johannesburg’
ii) a direct deposit into the choir’s bank account,
iii) a monthly stop order (Sponsor & Patron only)

The choir’s banking details are as follows:
Symphony Choir of Johannesburg
Branch Code: 146 905 (Business Northrand)
Current a/c: 146 909 5130

If you choose a direct deposit, please state your name and PATRON/ SPONSOR/ FRIEND – (whichever is applicable) in the deposit reference section. Please include a copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment if you mail your form. Alternatively fax or e-mail a copy along with the form to 011 447 5819 /

If you choose to give your support through a monthly stop order (Patron R 1 480 per month Sponsor R 300 per month respectively from January to December inclusive) please inform me accordingly also stating your status as PATRON or SPONSOR.

The benefits that come with financial support of the choir are, as you know, substantial:
Patrons receive ten (10) tickets for each choir produced concert (maximum 50 tickets per year),
Sponsors receive two (2) tickets for each choir produced concert (maximum 10 tickets per year), and
Friends receive two (2) tickets per year for any choir produced concert – use the two together or separately as you wish.

The tickets are all in the top price range (R330 in 2019), so you will always get the best seats. As always you’ll receive a free programme, and refreshments during the intervals at our concerts You will also receive regular Newsletters to keep you informed of what’s happening, and be able to book your seats in advance and collect your tickets in the foyer before each concert, thus saving you time and effort. Finally, the names of our financial supporters are published in our concert programmes and on our website. For our Patrons with company logos displayed on the website there’s the extra bonus of a hyperlink to their website!

These are still very good deals indeed, e.g. sponsorship is R 3 580 – but your benefits amount to 10 tickets @ 330 + 5 programmes @ 25 + 10 refreshments @ 45 = R 3 875.

As you know these benefits apply only to the concerts that the choir itself stages, not concerts which we perform for other organizations (e.g. Last Night of the Proms which is a charity concert for Lifeline).

And now to the very exciting concerts to look forward to from your favourite choir in 2019. NOTE THAT THE FIRST CONCERT IS IN FEBRUARY!!

Sunday, 03 February @ 11:00 – W A Mozart – Requiem – NB Please note the time: 11:00
Good Friday, 19 April @ 18:00 – G F Handel – Messiah
Saturday, 25 May @ 19:30 – Last Night of the Proms – charity concert – not part of the ticketing schedule
Sunday, 26 May @ 15:00 – Last Night of the Proms – charity concert – not part of the ticketing schedule
Sunday, 23 June @ 15:00 – J Rutter – Feel the Spirit & A Vivaldi – Gloria
Sunday, 06 October @ 15:00 – J Brahms – German Requiem
Saturday, 07 December @ 16:30 Christmas with Richard C
Sunday, 08 December @ 15:00 Christmas with Richard C

– yet again a wonderful programme (I’m thrilled – my two favourite requiems ) – well known and well loved choral works which have stood the test of time. It’s perhaps not a bad idea to remember the old masters after a couple of years of more modern music.

You will also be able to hear the choir sing together with Andrea Bocelli on 18th April – but this is NOT a choir produced concert and IS NOT PART OF THE TICKETING SCHEDULE! YOU CANNOT BOOK THROUGH THE CHOIR!

All in all a very exciting programme. SO – book the dates in your diary straight away so you don’t miss out.

Booking for these concerts is through Debbie (082 853 9709 or or me on 011 788 2340 or as usual.

Please remember that booking is essential – it makes the collection of your tickets so much easier, all neatly organized and quick. And remember if you already now know which concerts you’ll attend – hopefully all of them – you can book for them right now in one go. Should something come up which means you cannot attend an already booked concert just let us know, it’s that easy.

We thank you once again for your generous support of the Choir. It is greatly appreciated!

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg,
Kate Pape

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