4th July 2019

Glory, Glory Hallelujah…… what great singing from the audience!!

We had a super time presenting the Vivaldi Gloria and Rutter’s Feel the Spirit; a concert full of joy and excitement as only live music can provide. The choir was on top form and the soloists just fantastic.

The next concert put on by the choir is one of the most beautiful (and one of my favourite) works:

Johannes Brahms
Ein Deutsches Requiem
at the Linder Auditorium –  6th October @ 15:00
Soloists: Magdalene Minnaar (soprano), Aubrey Lodewyk (baritone)
With the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra


Richard C on the podium.

 It was the German Requiem, Brahms’ most important choral work and the most widely known composition of the mass type since Beethoven, which really laid the foundation of his world-wide fame. This triumph is to be explained by its character, in which emotion and sentiment is given strong prominence, and also by the wonderful melodious magic of its tender themes, which are wonderfully singable. Each separate movement has its own definite and special character, with an unmistakable and clearly defined stamp, which is carried out even down to its individual tonal scheme. There is a typical Brahmsian preference for sombre colour and beautiful modulations and key changes which gives an overall feeling of mystery and tension. As my erstwhile piano teacher put it: Brahms’ music is like a delicious, scrumptious fruitcake.

The German Requiem is a Protestant requiem – not a Catholic one; for one it’s in German not in Latin and the text is not the usual Roman Catholic text of the mass for the dead – the Dies Irae is not central to the work. The day of wrath and last judgement threatening with purgatory and hell is only a brief episode in the sixth movement; the text and music shows a gentler faith in a blissful resurrection and reunion through the atoning death of Jesus Christ.


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Yours sincerely, on behalf of the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg,


Kate Pape


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