AGM Reports


AGM : February 2017


Another successful year is behind us … 36 since I started with this amazing choir.

The 40th Anniversary lies just a few years ahead and we need to start planning something BIG for that !

2016 was a very good year in many ways and a lot of people said that Karl Jenkins The Armed Man was the most moving piece they had ever heard or sung.    But let’s start at the beginning:

JS Bach – St Matthew Passion – one of the towering works in the repertoire and one of my personal favourites.  The choir did well and I think the soloists were good, if a little understated.  I love this work and will do it any time.

The Rutter Programme was excellently sung – very sensitive and controlled and some of the best work we have done up to then.   It is a pity that the Auditorium was not full, as it was a truly superb concert.

It was PACKED for Karl Jenkins and the audience were not disappointed with those searing images. It was spectacular and I would like to look at the Stabat Mater by Karl Jenkins for 2018.

The other concerts: Last Night of the Proms, the Choral Spectacular and the Christmas Concerts were their normal selves – good singing and a lot of fun.

I am delighted that we are drawing younger choir members and there is a tremendous energy now which I have not felt for many years.  The rehearsals week by week are a highlight of my life…  I love them and enjoy finding new ways to solve age-old problems which do not change as the years go by.

You are a great group and we really have a great ‘gees’, so I want to thank you all, and we must thank the committee and everyone who contributes in so many ways and who help to keep the choir looking and sounding good.

Thanks also to Pridwin and St Charles who host us for rehearsals.

We are blessed by many dedicated friends and supporters who provide us with various services and or course our audiences, Patrons, Sponsors and Friends who enable us to put on the concerts that we so enjoy doing.

We have the trip to Germany to look forward to next year.  That will be another first and, I am sure, a special highlight.

Phambili  SCJ, phambili!

Music Director


AGM : February 2017

The Choir undertook a varied and rewarding concert programme in 2016. The Choir presented performances of Bach’s St Matthew Passion, Rutter’s Requiem and Magnificat, Jenkins’ The Armed Man, and a selection of Choral “highlights”, as well as the usual Christmas concerts. Highlights included: the collaboration with the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town in presenting The Armed Man in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

These works were performed at a gross deficit of R183,000. Income from sponsorships, membership subscriptions, external performances and other income sources increased this to a small operating deficit of R1,400. The choir finished the year with reserves of R911,000.

My thanks go to Richard Cock and Kate Pape for their ongoing contribution in raising corporate sponsorships. My thanks also go to the regular patrons, sponsors and friends, many of whom are choir members. As in past years, the generosity of the choir patrons and sponsors has made a vital difference to the choir’s financial position, contributing donations of R258,000 for the year.

I also wish to thank those choir members who participated in the Last Night of the Proms concerts. These events contributed R24,000 to the choir coffers and continue to enhance our public profile. I would also like to mention with gratitude those volunteers who made the bells for the concert and raised further funds in the process.

Thanks are also due to all those who give of their time and skill to ensure that choir activities run as smoothly as possible. In particular, I would like to mention Debbie Kruger, for choir administration; all the members of the Choir Committee, for their advice and efforts; Caroline Kennard, who produces the programmes for the concerts and processes payments to orchestra members for us; Maddy Farrant, who administers the choir membership subscriptions; as well as Sue Cock and Kevin Kraak, for accompanying the choir.

Finally, of course, I must record my gratitude to our incomparable Music Director, whose expertise, energy, humour and entrepreneurial skill makes it possible for the choir to produce such varied and beautiful music, and to have great fun in doing so.


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